About RxXtra

The experts at RxXtra will work with your team to establish your site-specific goals. Staying by your side from program inception to complete optimization, RxXtra will ensure you maintain a fully compliant program at every step along the way.

Providing comprehensive 340B Program management oversight including:

  • 340B Drug Program enrollment and implementation for new entities and robust maintenance of all programs – new or existing.
  • Compliance development, implementation, maintenance and ongoing support
  • In-house and Contract Pharmacy support and optimization

Generates financial growth

Create a substantial revenue stream with the implementation of a 340B Drug Program.

RxXtra can help develop and manage a 340B program that saves your community money as well as assists in the financial stability of your facility.

Adheres to HRSA regulations

We’ve gone through great lengths to make sure our programs tightly adheres to HRSA regulations. As well as keeping databases up-to-date with program oversight.

Assists low income population

In implementing a 340B program you’re entitled to deeply discounted drug prices and pass those cost savings down to your communities, saving them thousands.

Benefits to adding 340B

  • Employee Development and Retention
  • Service Line Expansion
  • Community Relations Strengthened
  • Physical Plant Improvement
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Bad Debt Reduction

Reach your goals and help your community

RxXtra exists to solve the complicated issues facing our clients, both large and small, regarding the federal 340B prescription drug plan which equates to many benefits for your rural hospital. Our hands-on approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes our clients more financially stable in order that they might provide more services to their community.

Strengthened Community Relations

Debt Reduction

Service Line Expansion

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